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Our Model and Inspiration: Don Bosco, Teacher & Friend of Youth


Don Bosco Ashalayam, a part of the global network of the Salesians of Don Bosco, is a New Delhi- Palam based, Non-Government, Non-Profit, Non-Political, Social, Charitable Organization Registered under Societies' Registration Act, 1860. It is a licensed children's home (a Home of Hope) for Children: In need of Care and Protection (Street Children, Orphans, Homeless, Abandoned, Unaccompanied, Neglected, Missing/Run Away, Lost & Found, Children found begging, Trafficking Children, Child Laborers, Marginalised Youth etc.).

Our Guiding Principles

• Every human person is created in the image of God. • Everyone has the right to one’s dignity and respect. • Christian values urge us to have an option for the    poor and marginalized.

• Following Don Bosco we have a preferential option for the young.

Our Vision

Building the dreams and shaping the lives of the Young at Risk for a just and humane society

Our Mission

• Empower the Young at Risk to be agents of personal and social transformation through a participatory approach.

• Provide positive environments that will prevent exploitation and neglect.

• Accompany the young at risk in their struggle to grow to fullness in freedom and Humanness Network with like-minded individuals and groups to provide effective support to the Young at Risk.

• Advocacy efforts at national and international levels to uphold the rights of the Young at Risk.

Our Target Group

Our focus is generally on children between 6 to 18 years of age who are at risk on the street and in child labor. It extends its services to rag pickers, coolies, shoe shines, construction workers, street vendors, parking boys, lottery ticket sellers, begging children, and other young at risk.

Our Strategies

Street presence entails us to be with the child/youth on the street whether he/she is working. It is an active presence. The street educator intervenes to activate the positive forces to reduce the dehumanizing situations.


• A child has rights but due to age constraints is unable to claim his/her rights. Ashalayam therefore plays a vital role in protecting and promoting the rights of children. We help the children to understand what they have not been able to resolve and make them aware of their own rights and duties.

• We invite them to our Children's Home/ Shelter home, on request, admit them to our homes.


• This stage takes place once the children become sure that there is a better place than the nastiness and misery of the street. They are assisted to build up personal hygiene, proper dressing habits, and hale and hearty habits. Providing them love and guidance, instilling self-respect through clean route, civil performance, and developing their sense of responsibility.


• We give the children the option of either Formal/Non-Formal or Vocational training. If they want and are capable, they can proceed for higher studies. It helps the children to bring out their talents and later on earn an honest livelihood.


The children learn to earn from the workshops by selling their crafts, spend a portion of their earnings and save the rest. We personally scrutinize their progress through regular visits to their places. After the age of eighteen, the young adults are placed in rented homes, where they learn to produce for themselves and stand on their own feet.


• In the last and final stage the children have turn out to be responsible citizens. He has the freedom to choose his style of life. As self dependent and contributing citizens they go into society. Thus our efforts to transform Don Bosco’s legacy of love into action on behalf of the young at risk is attained.

Don Bosco Feast

Jan, 2018

On 30 th January 2018, Children of DBA and Snehalaya celebrated Don Bosco Feast at home. There was a special Musical play by the children of Don Bosco Ashalayam and Snehalaya on “Bahubali”. The programme started at 6:00pm with snacks for all the guests in the evening. Invites were sent to various donors who have helped the Ashalayam in various ways throughout the year and also the donors who have helped Ashalayam in the past. Program started with a prayer dance by the girls form Snehalaya followed by a welcome speech by Fr. Swanoop(Executive Director). There was a video screening on the life of St. John Bsoco. DBA Boys sang the hymn to Don Bosco and after wards there was an instrumental performance followed by a Bollywood dance performance by children of Don Bosco Ashalayam and Snehalaya. DBA staff also participated in the event. Vote of thanks was given by Fr. Abhay(Home In –charge). After the program, refreshments were served to all the guests.

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Children’s Day Celebration and Visit by DM & SDM.

Nov. , 2017

On the occasion of Children’s Day, a program was held on 14th November. Chief Guest for the day was DM & SDM of the district. The program was conducted by the children of DBA and Snehalaya. The program started with a welcome dance by the girls from Snehalaya followed by a welcome speech by Fr. Director followed by Instrumental music by the DBA boys and then the SDM spoke to the children, after this a beautiful dance performance was given by the DBA boys. To end it on a high note the DM talked to the children. Fr. Home In- charge gave the thank you speech after this. In the second half of the day, there were various indoor games conducted by the staff members wherein the children along with their teams participated in these games. The day was well spent by the children and they had a lot of fun playing and dancing.

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New Year Celebrations

Dec. , 2017

On 31st December 2017, DBA organized a sports event for the children of DBA and Snehalaya. In the morning Everbody went to Dwarka sec-6 Community Park and played various games organized by the staff. Four teams were formed to play these games. Lunch was served at the park, where Fathers, sisters, children and all the staff members sat together and enjoyed the meal. In the evening a DJ night was organized by DBA, Children danced their heart out and welcomed a new year with a happy heart.

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